School Spelling Bee Coordinators

  • Enroll your school with Scripps National Spelling Bee by November 17, 2008. See Enrollment instructions.
  • Become familiar with all information and procedures contained on this site including the Rules for Local Spelling Bees.
  • Inform students and teachers that the 2009 Spell It! study materials are online at This site features an interactive format with links to Merriam-Webster definitions and pronunciations, challenge words for advanced spellers, activities to promote a deeper understanding of the English language, and printable study lists.
  • Use the log-in and password you receive from Scripps to get your online copy of the 2009 School Pronouncer Guide, plus three grade-specific levels of the new Classroom Pronouncer Guide
  • Set a date, a location, and obtain officials for the school spelling bee.
  • Make copies of the Appeal Form for use in the school bee.
  • Print certificates and seek donations for prizes for top spellers (optional).
  • Turn in the School Winner Form to the County Coordinator by fax, email, or mail and confirm receipt of the form.
  • Inform school winner of the details of the district or county-level contest.